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Engineering: Civil and Environmental - Graduate GSSP

The pursuit of research excellence and practical application are guiding principles of the graduate curriculum at the University of Idaho and in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Program. Students have many opportunities to work with faculty members on practical research projects vital to industry, including engineering prototypes of varying complexity. Classes are large enough to create the necessary creative interchange among students and faculty; at the same time, they are small enough to allow continual interaction between student and teacher.

The National Academy of Engineering has recognized the University of Idaho's College of Engineering's capstone design program as one of the best in nation.


Program components (2 semesters)
Semester 1 Credits

GSSP501 - Navigating the Graduate Pathway


GSSP502 - Academic Communication for Graduate Students


BE541 - Instrumentation and Measurements

3 (U of I)

MSE417 - Instrumental Analysis

3 (U of I)

Semester 2  

GSS503 - Introduction to Graduate Research


GSS504 - Intercultural Issues for Graduate Students


ENG428 - Numerical Methods

3 (U of I)

STAT431 - Statistical Analysis

3 (U of I)


24 / 12 (U of I)


Entry into second year of master's program

  • Civil Engineering, M.Engr.

Career opportunities

  • Design engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Engineering specialist
  • Chief engineer
  • Quality control engineer
  • Hardware engineer

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