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Engineering: Chemical, Electrical, Computer, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical, Biological

The University of Idaho master’s degrees in chemical, electrical, computer, materials science, mechanical and biological engineering prepare you for highly rewarding careers on the cutting edge of countless exciting fields ranging from aerospace, computer, automotive, construction and defense to biotechnology, robotics and energy and thermal systems. Graduate studies in this department are highly diversified in order to accommodate the needs of most students who have a good basic background in the physical sciences, mathematics and engineering.

Best Graduate Biological/Agricultural Engineering Programs
The National Academy of Engineering has recognized the University of Idaho's College of Engineering's capstone design program as one of the best in nation.


Program components (2 semesters)
Semester 1 Credits

GSSP501 - Navigating the Graduate Pathway


GSSP502 - Academic Communication for Graduate Students


BE541 - Instrumentation and Measurements

3 (U of I)

MSE417 - Instrumental Analysis

3 (U of I)

Semester 2  

GSS503 - Introduction to Graduate Research


GSS504 - Intercultural Issues for Graduate Students


ECE470/ME481 - Control Systems

3 (U of I)

STAT431 - Statistical Analysis

3 (U of I)


24 / 12 (U of I)


Entry into second year of master's program

  • Chemical Engineering, M.Engr.
  • Electrical Engineering, M.Engr.
  • Computer Engineering, M.Engr.
  • Material Science & Engineering, M.S.
  • Mechanical Engineering, M.Engr.
  • Biological Engineering, M.Engr.

Career opportunities

  • Biotechnology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Oil & Energy Engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals

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