Flights & Airport Arrivals

The Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport is a small airport located in Pullman, Washington, a 15-minute drive from Moscow, Idaho. There are no direct international flights to Moscow, Idaho.

Most students arrange a connecting flight to the Pullman/Moscow airport from a major airport such as Seattle. Some choose to fly to Spokane, Washington and take the Wheatland Express bus to Moscow (a 2-hour drive).


There is a free transportation shuttle option, offered by the UI International Programs Office. You must sign up for the service online:

From the Pullman/Moscow airport, you can use the courtesy phone in the lobby to call a taxi. Call “A-Z Taxi” at 208-882-6141, or Pegasus Taxi 208-874-7500 to arrange a ride to your hotel, apartment or residence hall.


Transportation from the Spokane airport is provided by Wheatland Express. The cost for this service is $38 by credit card or exact cash only (excess baggage is subject to additional charge). Select 'Moscow - U of I Living Learning Community' as your drop-off location.

Locate the driver in the “ground transportation” area, which is near the exit at the baggage claim area. Wheatland Express Telephone: 1-888-690-3080 or 1-509-334-2200.

Please note, there is only one daily shuttle between the Spokane International Airport and Moscow, Idaho, departing at 2:00pm. If you arrive after the daily shuttle departs, we recommend that you either stay in a hotel until the next day, or take a taxi or Uber to Moscow, Idaho (estimated cost ~$150-$200). Please be sure to arrive on time for the mandatory new student orientation.

Entering the United States

At the United States port-of-entry, an officer of the ICE department will review your documents, including the passport, visa stamp, important letters, and the I-20. The visa eligibility document (I-20) will be processed by the ICE, with a page returned to you along with a card directing you on how to print the I-94. The entry date listed in item #5 of the I-20 is the last possible day to use this form for initial entry to the United States. New students may enter the U.S. up to 30 days before the indicated start date on the I-20.

You should ensure that you are traveling with the following documents as they will be needed upon entry into the U.S.:

  • Your original I-20 document
  • Your valid passport with visa
  • Admission Letter to UI
  • Any additional documents supporting your education credentials

Additionally, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What and where will you study?
  • Do you have family connections in the U.S.?
  • What are your plans for returning to your home country?
  • Where will you be staying in Idaho?