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Discover Idaho International Waiver Scholarship

All qualified, new incoming undergraduate students are guaranteed to receive this tuition waiver. This waiver is renewable for up to four years if a 2.5 cumulative University of Idaho GPA is maintained. New first-year undergraduate international students

  • 3.9-4.0 GPA from high school: $8,000/year
  • 3.75-3.89 GPA from high school: $6,000/year
  • 3.4-3.74 GPA from high school: $5,000/year
  • 3.00-3.39 GPA from high school: $2,000/year

New transfer undergraduate international students

  • 3.8-4.0 GPA from college: $4,000/year
  • 3.6-3.79 GPA from college $2,500/year

There is no additional scholarship application required and all undergraduate applicants are automatically considered. Apply for admission at

*Students beginning the in GSSP are eligible for this scholarship, but will not receive it for the first year of their studies. If qualified with their high school GPA, these students will receive the scholarship when they progress to the University of Idaho after successful completion of the GSSP.

GSSP Merit Scholarships:

We also offer GSSP merit scholarships for hard-working, high-achieving students. To learn more about our scholarship offerings, please send us an email at