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Natural Resources and Environmental Science - Graduate GSSP

Programs in the College of Natural Resources are interactive and interdisciplinary, crossing boundaries to provide deep understanding of our natural world. With the University of Idaho being just minutes away from beautiful forests, rivers, and lakes of northern Idaho, you will have many opportunities for hands-on learning and research opportunities. As a student in this program, you will explore global environmental challenges as they relate to waste management, environmental policy & law, water science, ecosystems, land use, energy systems, and more.


Top 10

Colleges offering degrees in Natural Resources and conservation, 2017

Over 60%

of Idaho is public land
Idaho Conservation League, 2018


Program components (2 semesters)
Semester 1 Credits

GSSP501 - Navigating the Graduate Pathway


GSSP502 - Academic Communication for Graduate Students


STAT431 - Statistical Analysis

3 (U of I)

NRS506 - Fundamentals of Research

2 (U of I)

NRS501 - Seminar


Semester 2  

GSS503 - Introduction to Graduate Research


GSS504 - Intercultural Issues for Graduate Students


GEOG513 - Global Climate Change

3 (U of I)

ENVS484 - History of Energy

3 (U of I)


24 / 12 (U of I)


Entry into second year of master's program

  • Natural Resources, M.S.
  • Environmental Science, M.S.

Career opportunities

  • Environmental Consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Forest Sciences and Management
  • Fisheries Resources
  • Rangeland Sciences
  • Water Resources
  • Wildlife Resources

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