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Computer Science - Graduate GSSP

As a graduate student in computer science at the University of Idaho, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the limitations and opportunities in the use of computers to solve problems. You will work alongside faculty on leading research, and explore high-level concepts in areas like computational biology, network security, computer architecture and network design. Whether you want to lead product development and research at a technical company, or you want to build a career in academia, this program prepares you to contribute to the field of computer science in new and novel ways. Only students that have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science are eligible for this graduate degree.


In U of I’s RADICL lab, students run cybersecurity experiments that they would not be able to perform in a traditional lab. RADICL enables teams of students and researchers to create and deploy independent experiments in the areas of information assurance, cyber- defense, and modern co.



Program components (2 semesters)
Semester 1 Credits

GSSP501 - Navigating the Graduate Pathway


GSSP502 - Academic Communication for Graduate Students


STAT431 - Statistical Analysis

3 (U of I)

CS510 - Programming Language Theory

3 (U of I)

Semester 2  

GSS503 - Introduction to Graduate Research


GSS504 - Intercultural Issues for Graduate Students


CS504 - Fundamentals of Computer Science for Graduate Students

3 (U of I)

CS551 - Advanced Computer Architecture

3 (U of I)


24 / 12 (U of I)


Entry into second year of master's program

  • *Computer Science, M.S.

Career opportunities

  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Technology Management
  • Website Design

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