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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for current and future students, their families and educational advisor

College of Business & Economics

College of Business & Economics

The College of Business and Economics is a premier business school located in Moscow, Idaho. Our award-winning faculty and outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree programs have several unique features and best practices that prepare you to succeed in a globally competitive world. Our innovative hands-on learning opportunities set us apart from our peers.


  • #151

    Best Undergraduate Business programs.

    U.S News & World Report, 2018

  • One of only 18 Universities in the U.S. with an accredited PGA Golf Management program.

  • Less than 5% of universities worldwide have AACSB accreditation.


Degree Programs:

Undergraduate degree programs:

  • Accounting (B.S.)

  • Business Economics (B.S.)

  • Finance (B.S.)

  • Management and Human Resources (B.S.)

  • Management Information Systems (B.S.)

  • Marketing (B.S.)

    • Marketing Analytics

    • Entrepreneurship

  • Operations Management (B.S.)

  • PGA Golf Management

Graduate and Ph. D.

  • Accountancy (M.Acct)

Hands-on Learning

Barker Trading Program

The Barker Trading Program focuses on risk and money management. The approach is founded on the belief that hands-on learning plays a critical role in the development of capital management strategies and skills. The goals of the program are to:

  • Introduce to trading and risk management strategies

  • Enable exploration of markets for securities, options and futures

  • Promote interdisciplinary cooperation across the land grant elements of the university

  • Create job and career opportunities

The program is unique in that it provides the opportunity for you to trade a range of securities including equities, fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange and derivatives. If you qualify, you will trade individually funded accounts. You also have the opportunity to participate as part of an investment team with portfolio allocations that span a range of asset classes. Traders and portfolio teams execute their own trades and develop risk management policies for their accounts.

Business Process Center

This center enables students to gain real-world business experience by finding a damaged business process then redesigning and improving that business process to increase a company's effectiveness. The Business Process Center generally consists of 3 to 5 students per team and up to 10 teams per semester.

Students become familiar with the business process modeling and process control software and gain experience in management and control of a process with two classes: Bus 456 - Quality Management students help improve business process outcomes by reducing wasted time. In Bus 439 - Systems and Simulations, similar processes are simulated to determine how to improve resource cost, lower process cost and increase output.

Davis Investment Group

The purpose of this group is to provide you an opportunity to apply your presentation and decision-making skills in the context of investment management.

If you participate in the Davis Investment Group you will manage a diverse portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other equities.

Led by a faculty member, each group member tracks a specific market sector and provides weekly reports, which include news, ratings, and personal recommendations. Group members also present investment opportunities to each other in formal presentations. These activities provide members with invaluable real-world experience with financial markets and investment decisions.

Executive Shadow Program

Six students shadowed executives at companies as familiar as Starbucks and as far away as Chicago-all of whom employ Vandals-in spring 2018, and we're already planning the next round.

  • Explore a great company - past Executive Shadow sites include Micron, URM Stores, Fishers Technology, Starbucks and Kepler Group

  • Trips will be 2-3 days over spring break. All expenses are paid.

  • Open to all CBE students

  • Students will be asked to make a brief presentation about their experience to CBE faculty and/or advisors after they return to campus

Idaho Entrepreneurs:

Every billion-dollar business and life-changing innovation starts with an idea. Why can't it be yours?

Bring your ideas to life through the Idaho Entrepreneurs program and discover the possibilities. This program is a U of I strategic effort to develop Idaho's next generation of entrepreneurial leaders capable of solving complex business, social and economic issues.

Each semester we host the Idaho Pitch Competition and the Business Plan Competition, giving students the opportunity to present their business ideas to experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business professionals.

The Idaho Entrepreneurs program gives aspiring entrepreneurs and social venturists the inspiration, skills, resources, and connections to move their innovation from the classroom and lab into the marketplace of ideas and things.

Vandal Solutions

Vandal Solutions is a not-for-profit, student-run business that is offered as an upper level course at the University of Idaho College of Business and Economics. It is designed to allow students to use the skills and concepts they have learned and apply them in sustaining a real business.

They operate on a win-win-win business model. The student employees win because of the real business experience they are gaining. Our customers win by receiving professional quality services at great value. Our university community wins through the profits reinvested in scholarships and donations.